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3 Reasons To Order Furniture Restoration

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Furniture restoration involves repairing older furniture pieces by fixing up their frames, upholstery, or finish. While furniture restoration businesses are designed to make maintaining your favorite items easy, it's more appropriate for some items than others. Here are three simple reasons you should think about ordering furniture restoration and when you might want to replace the item instead. 

1. You Can't Part With Pieces

Whether that sofa is your favorite place to watch the news or your king-sized bed is where you read to your children in the evening, there are a lot of reasons to be hesitant to part with furniture pieces. Anytime a piece is special to you, think about having it restored instead of replaced. Furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation should be protected and preserved, as well as valuable pieces. 

However, if you do have a piece of furniture you aren't attached to and it breaks, replacing it could give you the chance to invest in something you would want to restore 20 years from now. 

2. The Furniture Was Custom-Made

Every place is a little different, which is why some people opt for custom-made furniture. From benches that fit entryways perfectly to dining sets designed to take full advantage of a large eat-in kitchen, it's essential to do what you can to preserve custom-made pieces. 

Think about any furniture that you may have ordered or had handmade for specific parts of your home, and restore those items if they become damaged. By preserving pieces that are unique to your home, you can help your place to stay as functional as possible. 

3. Character Is Important To You 

Some pieces of furniture are made with more design details than others. Sometimes, pieces made years and years ago are much more ornate or even streamlined than something you could find new in a store. By having those special pieces restored, you can ensure that your home stays unique and different, which is important in the long run. Think carefully about what you like about your furniture, and maintain pieces that offer something special. 

Before you have any furniture restored, sit down with the restoration professional to ask about pricing and timeline. Think about what you will use in place of that item while it is in the shop, and ask restoration professionals how aftercare will work for the piece. Some wood finishes may need special care, or upholstery may need to be sprayed with protectant to prevent staining.