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Benefits Of Installing A Wall Bed In Your Home

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If you are currently planning a home renovation and you want to create a space for guests without a dedicated guest room, you should be talking with your contractor about installing a wall bed in the room. Wall beds are constructed so that they fold up and into the wall, taking up absolutely no floor space when they aren't being used. Here are some things that you should know if you are considering installing a custom wall bed.

Wall Beds Improve Room Functionality

If you want to make sure that you always have space for guests, but you don't really have the room to create a specific guest room in your home, installing a wall bed is a great option. As long as there's room for the bed to fold down when you need it, you always have a guest room.

And, since the bed folds up out of the way entirely when you're not using it, that means you can use the room for any other purpose when the bed isn't being used. Whether it's your home office, den, playroom, or any other space, it can continue to serve that purpose when there are no guests using the bed. And, you can even have bookshelves or cabinets built into the wall where the bed is. They will simply slide out of the way when you're ready to fold the bed down.

Wall Beds Are Comfortable

Because wall beds are constructed like traditional beds, they have the same structure and support as a traditional bed. That makes them far more comfortable than their sofa-bed counterparts. When you really want to ensure that guests feel welcome in your home even though you don't have a guest room, opt for a wall bed instead of a fold-out sofa simply for comfort purposes.

Wall Beds Must Be Made Or Stripped Of Bedding To Fold Up

If you are the type of person who just never makes the bed, dealing with a wall bed will take a little bit of adjustment. Because of the way that these beds fold up, you can't leave the bedding a mess on the bed when you fold it up. The bedding will keep the bed from properly folding into place. As a result, you'll have to make the bed so that the bedding is smooth, or strip the bedding off the mattress before you fold the bed back up.

Talk with your renovation contractor about building a custom wall bed for your space so that you always have a welcome environment for your guests.