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The Many Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood Doors In Home Decor

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How can you decorate with reclaimed wood doors? This eco-friendly way to upcycle existing building materials is an easy way to add imagination to your home. If you're not sure where to start, take a look at the easy ways to incorporate these doors into your home décor.

Entry Doors

Replace your front, back, or side entry door with one made from reclaimed wood. This décor idea adds a rustic or country look to your home's exterior and can complement the existing aesthetic or create a completely new one.

If rustic chic isn't your style, a reclaimed door is also a way to create an eclectic type of décor. Pair it with modern, classic, and other elements for a timeless global look.

Interior Doors

Along with entry doors, you can also change your home's interior décor with reclaimed wood. Use these doors as-is and hang them inside your house. Another option is to create sliding doors with the wood. This option spans a larger area and is an elegant way to separate spaces, such as a dining and kitchen space or living room and playroom.

Kitchen Bar

Create a space to eat, relax, and entertain inside of your kitchen with a bar seating area. Instead of a traditional countertop, use reclaimed wood from a door. Like with entry doors, the reclaimed wood can add a rustic style your home. But it doesn't have to. Choose a light-colored or white-washed wood for a fresh contemporary style, or go with a dark cherry for a traditional type of décor.

Complement the bar area with reclaimed wood seating. While you don't need to completely construct chairs from wood, you can use this material as an accent for the backs or seats.

Wall Décor

Paintings, photos, and mirrors aren't the only decorative items to hang on your home's walls. Reclaimed wood can add a rustic feel to the interior of your home, cover wall imperfections, and take the place of wallpaper or paint. Hang one door as a central piece (similar to a painting) or use the wood as a larger wall covering.

Wall Shelving

You don't have to use the door whole or as-is. Cut it into pieces to create wall shelves or storage spaces. This décor strategy creates a "country cabin chic" style that combines form and function.

Can reclaimed wood doors transform your home's décor? Whether you use them as entry items, in your home's interior, or as part of a decorative shelving accent, the beauty of upcycled wood can make-over your home.