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Are You Setting Up A New Office On A Tight Budget?

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Are you starting a new business? If so, maybe you have just rented an office for a really good price. Your next step is to set it up so you'll be ready for business, right? If you have money to spare, consider yourself super lucky. On the other hand, maybe you are like many others who are just starting out. That probably means you're decorating on a tight budget, right? If that's the case, from buying pre-owned office furniture to selecting art at great prices, here are some ideas that might help you.

Pre-owned Office Furniture

Have you ever wondered what happens to the furniture that was owned by an individual who went out of business or who retired? That furniture might have seen better days, and you won't be interested in it. However, some of that pre-owned office furniture might look as good as it did the day it was purchased. Think of going to a furniture store that sells used furniture to see what you can find.

First, make a list of things you'll need. It's a given that you'll need a desk. Will you have a separate computer table, too? What about meeting tables? Will you often be meeting with several people at the same time? If your new office will have enough space to hold large tables and chairs, go for it. Think of the filing system you'll need. Will you want stand-up files for paper documents, or will you be doing all of your filing electronically? 

What about things like floor to ceiling shelf where you can hold things like reference books and pictures of your family? Will you have a printer in the office space? If so, you'll want a table to hold the printer. Think of getting one on wheels so that you can move it when necessary.

Art On A Budget

Think of clever ways you can give interest to your office. For example, if you have a collection of vinyl records, think of placing their covers on your office walls. Maybe you have kids at home. If so, think of framing some of their art in inexpensive plastic frames. You'll probably be very surprised at how great those pictures will look when they're in the right frames. Just think of it as modern art!

Go to places like thrift stores and antique stores where you might find one-of-a-kind art to add pizzaz to your office. And, don't forget pawn shops. They might have exactly what you want.