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Creating A Mid-Century Modern Living Room

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Mid-century modern design is growing in popularity among new homeowners. If you are hoping to achieve a mid-century modern design in your own home, you will need to invest in the right furnishings through a Knoll distributor or similar distributor of furniture.

There are several items that are essential to include in your living room if you are trying to pull off a mid-century modern design. Identifying these items will help you create a cohesive and comfortable living room in your home.

1. A stylish occasional chair

One of the staple items in every mid-century modern living room is a stylish occasional chair. Look for a chair that features curved lines and smooth surfaces. The chair should feel light and airy and not interrupt the sight line through your living room.

Since color and patterns play an essential role in mid-century modern design, your occasional chair should have cushions that create interest and add a pop of color to your living room's design.

2. A sleek coffee table

A coffee table does more than provide you with a place to set down your remote controls; it acts as an anchor that ties your living room together. When you are trying to create a mid-century modern design within your home, you need to invest in a sleek coffee table.

Look for a table with a simple design and clean lines. The coffee table you choose should ideally be made from teak wood, but any medium-colored wood will do.

3. A simple sofa

One of the largest furniture items that you will incorporate into your living room is the sofa. You should use a discerning eye when selecting a sofa for your mid-century modern living room. Furnishings that fall into the mid-century modern category feature sculptural and geometric lines.

Look for a sofa with a simple design. The sofa should have slender legs and textured cushions that will help to add dimension to your living room. Mid-century modern sofas often have a boxy or square look to them, but you can incorporate a curved sofa into your living room.

Creating a stylish and comfortable living room isn't always easy. If you are hoping to transform your living room into a mid-century modern oasis, you will need the right furniture. Invest in a colorful occasional chair, a sleek coffee table, and a simple sofa to tie your mid-century design together. These furnishings have a timeless and classic look, making them perfect for the modern homeowner.