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3 Ways To Improve Your Performance Venue With Custom Mirrors

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Entertainment venues use the latest technology to wow crowds. Not every feature in an entertainment venue has to be the most recent advancement in computer-generated graphics and special effects, though. If you have an entertainment venue and are looking to add to it, here are some ways that custom mirrors could add to your venue.

Make Your Venue Look Bigger

Many interior decorators use mirrors to make rooms in houses look bigger, and you can create the same effect with mirrors in your venue. In fact, it'll also make the crowds in your venue appear larger, as it will reflect everyone at your place's events.

Because venues are such large spaces, you'll likely need to have a mirror custom-made so that it's large enough. Real Simple recommends getting a mirror that's a minimum of three-quarters of the height of the wall it's on. Additionally, the mirror should span most of the width of the wall, if not the entire wall, to maximize the effect.

Show Off Singers and Speakers on Stage

Singers, speakers, and other performers dress up when they go before audiences, and audience members like to see stars' outfits.

Installing custom mirrors around your venue's stage will give audience members different views of the stars they come to see -- views that they otherwise wouldn't have. They'll be able to see the back of singers' dresses and suits, and they'll get side-profile views of speakers when they make profound statements.

When having custom mirrors designed for your venue, find a custom mirror company that will work closely with your venue's lighting crew when designing mirrors for your place. You'll want the mirrors designed so that they show off performers, but you won't want them reflecting any spotlights that shine down on the stage. Reflecting spotlights would create a glare.

Bring Ambiance into Restrooms

People expect mirrors to be in restrooms, and your venue likely already has mirrors in its bathrooms. If you've never had custom mirrors made for your venue's restrooms, though, the mirrors in the bathrooms are likely stock mirrors. They let people check their faces and apply makeup, but they might not add to your venue beyond their utilitarian purpose.

By replacing stock restroom mirrors with custom mirrors, you can bring your venue's feel into its bathrooms. Custom mirrors like Trapani Art & Frame can be designed with the same features that the mirrors in your venue's performance space have to create a consistent decor and ambiance.