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Stickley Furniture: Identifying Features Of Three Primary Styles From This Company

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Stickley furniture is produced from some of the best hard woods money can buy. It has three core styles, each with their own distinctive features. If you are told that you are looking at a piece of Stickley furniture, but you are not sure, here are the three core styles and their defining features. These descriptions will help you determine if you are looking at the real deal or knock-offs.

Mission Style

Much of this company's mission style furniture incorporates the very straight lines and rectangular features of mission furniture. Yet it borrows some 1920s art deco features too, such as the Tiffany-style lamps and the art deco sheaf of wheat imprint found on many cabinets, tables and wardrobes in this collection. There may be leaded glass in the doors and tables as well, depending on which pieces you are viewing. Older pieces in this style may be branded with the Stickley signature, but newer pieces may have a brass plate located either on the underside or back of the pieces.

Pasadena Bungalow Style

The Pasadena Bungalow style also has many straight lines, except that they end with "feet" that bend outward. These elements are even seen in the wood overlay decorations on the glass doors of cabinets, where the "feet" bend up and point out toward the top edge of the cabinets. Some of the pieces might have a little Art Noveau influence as well; the mirrors have curved and indented edges, while the resting ends of the foot board and headboard of a bed are rounded and indented. Some pieces in the Pasadena Bungalow style may also have a slotted or vented look. 

Coronado Style

The Coronado style features distressed woods in very natural tones. It also has the most wrought-iron hardware of any other Stickley furniture styles, incorporating wrought-iron drawer pulls, wrought-iron hinges and curved, wrought-iron table legs. Leather furniture in this style is all browns and grays, following the earth tones of the wood with which it is paired. Cushions are very firm and angular; there are no rounded edges and no plush softness with this style. It is considered rather masculine, and even the phrase "south-of-the-border minimalism" has been used to describe the Coronado style. At the present moment, Coronado furniture by Stickley is only available for the living room and dining room, so you will have to use a different style for your bedrooms.