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Designing And Constructing Your Own Custom Furniture

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Do you have a unique residence and distinctive tastes? Do you wish to furnish your residence with eclectic and creative furniture that reflects your own design sensibilities? You should consider designing your own custom furniture and having it made by a qualified independent furniture designer. Here is the procedure to produce custom designed furniture for your residence:  

Preliminary Sketches - Create multiple sketches of your furniture idea to refine your design. Research your furniture design idea to find other ideas and products and investigate how they were constructed and built. When you see other designs and drawings, you will be able to solidify your initial design ideas. 

Finish Sketches - Finalize your furniture design in detailed sketches that show all aspects of your unique design. Create finished drawings of the functions and mechanics of each part of your design that includes all hardware, exact sizes and specifications, and all proposed materials. 

Materials and Costs - Research the metals, woods, plastics, and fabrics that you would like to use to construct your furniture design. Select the materials for your furniture design and calculate the costs to procure the materials and build your product. Plan to use sustainable and recycled materials in your design and search for sources for these materials. Research different sources for all materials to keep costs reasonable. 

Independent Furniture Designer - Contact custom furniture galleries, such as Senetics, to find a few furniture designers that you like. Interview each of these designers to find one that understands your design concepts and is eager to work with you. Select a designer and ask them to work with you. Go over all aspects of your furniture design and ask for their input on the materials, costs, strength of your design, and joinery. If necessary, change your furniture design to reflect new information and updated ideas.

Sign a Contract - Draft and sign a comprehensive contract with your chosen designer that stipulates the costs of your project and includes his or her design and construction fee. State a time frame in this contract that includes an end date when the project must be completed. Include a workmanship guarantee that states your expectations for the life of your furniture design and stipulates what repairs and replacements must be made if the design or construction fails. 

Design Construction - Supervise the daily construction of your furniture with your independent furniture designer. Be flexible and ready to alter your design as needed due to unforeseen costs of labor and/or materials. This is a one-of-a-kind furniture project and can grow and evolve as it is being constructed. 

Once you have a custom piece of furniture of your own design, you may want to design and build many others. You can fill your own residence with your creative furniture pieces and even branch out and build other pieces for your family and friends. If you find that you cannot stop thinking and designing these custom pieces, you may find you have a new profession being a custom furniture designer!