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2 Tips To Help You Prevent The Finish On Your Wood Furniture From Peeling

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If you have ever used wood furniture that has an old or improperly applied finish, then certain things may instantly standout. This type of furniture often lacks the sheen and luster you may find in furniture with a good finish. Applying a finish to your wood furniture is not only done to keep your furniture looking new and vibrant, but also it is done to protect your furniture from potential damage for as long as possible. Applying a finish properly can take some time, and if it is done incorrectly it can result in peeling. Peeling leaves an off-white film that does not fully adhere to the wood. This can completely ruin the aesthetics of the furniture throughout your home. Luckily, there are a few easy tips that you can use in order to prevent this.

Know What is on the Surface of Your Wood Furniture Before Coating It

Wood furniture that is factory produced often comes with a factory finish. Some of these finishes allow you to paint directly on top of the surface while others are not as inviting. If the factory finish is not compatible with other finishes, then it will result in peeling. This occurs because the old finish creates a buffer between the wood and the new finish. Therefore, the new finish cannot properly bind with the wood furniture. These types of surfaces cannot be recoated or painted until the original finish is removed. This can be done by sanding down the surface and priming it before applying your new finish on top of it.

Clean the Wood Surface Before Application

One of the easiest ways to suffer from peeling after applying your wood finish is by failing to clean the surface beforehand. Applying a wood finish to a dirty surface reduces how well the finish will stick to your wood furniture. Dirty surfaces often contain a number of particles or even film that can act as a barrier between the furniture and the finish. Therefore, use a bit of soap and water to gently wipe down the wood surface that you wish to coat. Make sure that you give your wood furniture enough time to dry before applying the finish, as this can result in additional application issues.

A well-applied finish can seal the deal on your wood furniture. Therefore, use these tips to make sure that you do not have to redo the entire process because of peeling.