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Want To Work A Queen Bed Into A Studio Apartment? 4 Ways To Maximize Its Functionality

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Studio apartments are unique in that you have to be extra careful with how you furnish the place because you could easily end up with a space that feels overcrowded. This can make you feel like you want to move out of the rental as soon as the lease is up, but this typically happens because of poor planning. A queen bed is able to fit into most studios, unless the square footage is abnormally small. But, since this size bed does take up a decent amount of room, you need to make sure it is still a functional space.

Add a Headboard for Leaning

Some people only use their bedroom for getting ready in the morning and sleeping. The bed is often dedicated to sleeping, but you cannot afford this luxury when living in a studio. You will want to use your bed for other purposes, such as reading, studying, watching television, or even playing games. It is ideal to add a headboard that is comfortable to lean on, as this enables you to happily do these activities.

Use a Laptop Stand

Placing your laptop directly on the bed can lead to an increase in hardware temperatures because the airflow may be restricted. Investing in a laptop stand is essential to fix this problem. You will want to look at how high you can prop up the laptop to determine which stand will work most effectively for you.

Get Food Trays for Bed

In a studio, you should probably stick with a two-chair dining room set, and it may be your primary space for eating. But, this does not mean that you have to eat every meal at this location. If you have friends over, you should have food trays that you can use to eat on the bed while giving your guests the table. This also makes it easy to relax in bed, lean on your headboard, and enjoy breakfast while watching TV.

Buy a Frame with Storage

One of the most useful things that you can do with your bed is use it for storage. It is key to avoid oversize bed frames with storage that extends past the bed. But, you should take advantage of every bit of space you have by considering frames that provide lots of storage space underneath.

Queen mattresses will fit right into a studio apartment when you take all of these measures into consideration.