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Are You A Real Estate Agent Or In Property Sales? Furniture Stores Can Help Your Business

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If you are a real estate agent, a housing sales agent, or you manage properties for sale or lease, it's important to know the difference that staging can make with sales. If you can create an arrangement with local furniture stores in the area to rent pieces, or to get pieces at a lower cost, you may be able to sell more properties and make more money. Here are a few of the things you'll want to consider when you meet with the furniture company.

Rent Pieces for Staging

Find local furniture stores that will allow you to rent furniture pieces when you want to stage the properties, so the houses look newer and the style is more modern. Sometimes just changing the furniture in a space, and changing the layout of the furniture can make the house look more spacious and desirable, which attracts more buyers and it can improve sales.

Include Sales with All Pieces

If you're staging a newly built show home or a house that just went on the market, you can work it in the deal to sell the furniture with the property or house design. This isn't just going to increase the sale of the house, but the furniture store is going to make a profit on the sale of the pieces. Talk with the furniture store manager to see if you can work out some type of deal to do this.

Include Full Buying Options

If you have to buy the items from the furniture store to put in the property, you'll know how much they cost and where the buyers can get the items. If someone claims they love a specific bedding set, a piece of furniture, or something that is decorative in the space, let them know they can buy it from the store. The store may work out a discount for this, or give you free pieces in return.

Not only can you use what the furniture store has to stage your properties and intrigue more buyers, but you may be able to use their interior design services as well if you're going to generate more sales for the furniture store. If you are starting to stage on a budget and you don't want to spend a lot, look in the clearance areas or ask the sales associates at the furniture stores if they have any showroom pieces they'll be taking down to sell at a discount. Contact a business, such as Visions In Contemporary Living, for more information.