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Buying A New Mattress And Bedding? 3 Ways To Keep Your Cat From Causing Damage

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Whether your current mattress is on its last leg or you are just ready to upgrade to enjoy better sleep, you may be in the market for a new mattress and bedding to make for an all-around improved setup. Previously, you may not have cared much about what your cat did to the mattress. But, once you are ready to spend a decent amount of money, you do not want them causing any serious damage. While you cannot make guarantees with a cat, unless you lock them out of the room, there are several solutions.

Introduce Their Scent Right Away

Cats are often the most comfortable in the same environment over a long period of time. Their scent comforts them, so when you introduce a huge item into your home that smells nothing like them, they may get stressed out. This is a similar reaction to what could happen when moving to a new home. It is possible for them to mark their territory by urinating on the bed, which will then give it their own scent. But, this can be extremely damaging to your bed and make it tough to get rid of the ammonia smell. Before you let your cat in the room, you should put their toys or blankets on the bed to apply their scent.

Give Them an Alternative

Cats love scratching, so you should try not to take it away from them. They do it for various reasons, but it only becomes an issue when they start doing it to your new mattress and bedding. The key is to pay attention to their habits to see if they prefer scratching on a horizontal or vertical surface. A cat that prefers vertical will scratch the side of the bed, while a cat that likes horizontal will scratch the top. Adding a cat scratcher next to the bed that aligns with what they like will help you avoid damage to the bed.

Put Caps on Their Nails

If your cat has a major habit to scratch, one option is to put nail caps on their claws. It is important to do this after just trimming their nails to prevent them from outgrowing the length of the caps. When they jump on your bed with their claws out, or they try to scratch the bedding, it will not leave any marks. This is generally something you should consider if providing alternatives is not working at all.

By following these methods, you can protect your new mattress and enjoy it to the fullest.Visit a store, such as The Mattress Store, for more information.