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Building The Right Dining Room Set For A Larger-Than-Average Personality

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Dining room sets typically consist of a table with several chairs around it. Though there are a number of styles for dining table and chairs, they tend to have similar looks. If you want to have a dining room set that is more comfortable for those with a larger frame, the typical seats won't work. Here are some ideas for building a comfortable set for those who require a little more room. 

Padded picnic table

A picnic table is easy to slide in and out and provides plenty of space for those who may not easily fit into a single seat. You can purchase a picnic table, then add padding to the seats of the table. Cover the table top with a tablecloth of the same pattern to give your dining set a finished look. The picnic table will permit those who take up a bit more room to stretch out without feeling uncomfortable. 

Rounded booth seating

In the corner of your dining room, set up a table and place rounded booth seating in the corner. Booth seating is perfect for those who carry more weight, because it allows them to sit right next to family but still allows them to feel comfortable. Both seating also makes it easier to share dishes, if you tend to bring the food to the table and allow everyone to serve themselves. Be sure to have a padded back along with the booth, to stop people from leaning against the wall. Leaning against the wall can cause the transfer of hair products and ruin the paint of the dining room.

Ottoman chair seating

In lieu of chairs, set up ottoman seating at the dining room table. Ottomans tend to be sturdy, but have plenty of padding to make them more comfortable. The best part about ottomans is that they can be found in a number of colors, to make your dining room table and color scheme. Before purchasing the ottoman, be sure to measure how high the ottoman seats come up to the table. You should avoid purchasing an ottoman that sits too low and makes eating uncomfortable. 

Slim love seat at table

If you want a quick idea that can be pulled off for any color scheme easily, you should opt for a clear table and a love seat on two sides of your dining room table. Love seats are easy to find, and you can find a slim love seat sofa in a number of colors. You can also purchase an older love seat and cover it with a brand new sofa cover.  This idea is easy to pull off and allows for a lot more seat space in a dining room. 

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