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How To Make Your Living Room A Show Stopper

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Your living room is more than a place to lounge. It can be a family gathering space, a place for entertaining and even the focal point of the house. As such, the space may host more people than any other room in your house. If you're planning a living room makeover, or furnishing it for the first time, create a space with show stopping style.

Start with a Color Scheme

Even if your decorating style is eclectic, your living room will show cohesion if you start with a color scheme. The scheme should feature a base color, usually a neutral hue such as white, beige or gray. From there you choose one to three accent colors. You could start with a patterned piece, such as a beautiful rug, and use that as your color scheme. Alternatively, select a themed palette. For example, Better Homes and Gardens describes a modern-themed palette of foundational gunmetal accented with clear blue and white. The majority of your décor, including the couch and chairs, should be in the foundation color. Try to keep the accent pieces in shades of the accent color.

Tailor to the Dimensions

Another method for promoting cohesion is to ensure the furnishings fit well in the room. If you have an open, specious living room, small furniture in clusters just makes the space feel more cavernous. The same is true of a smaller room. Choose furniture that provides a pleasing ratio with the living room's dimensions.

Select Furniture for Living Room Activities

Be honest about your living room activities. If the space is more often going to be used for lounging or playing with the kids, a formal makeup doesn't make sense. Choose furniture that will best facilitate your activities. For example, if you enjoy entertaining, a small sofa and several chairs makes sense. However, if the family likes congregating in the living room, a sectional sofa facing the television is probably more useful. Likewise, keep these activities in mind when choosing the color or fabric of the furniture. For more information, contact TimeSquare Furniture & Mattress or a similar company.

Design a Focal Point

One way to ensure your living room is a show stopper is to set the stage – or, in this case, let one item take center stage. Choose a statement-making centerpiece such as a picture, mantle display or area rug. Arrange the furniture so the focal point is clearly visible. It's not necessary to arrange the sofa and chairs so they're facing the picture, for instance. However, ensure it's hung so it takes center stage.