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Do You Need A Sofa? What Other Options You Should Consider Before Buying

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When it comes to home furnishings, the sofa rules with a three-cushioned hand. In fact, sofas have grown in recent years to overwhelming proportions, sometimes becoming huge sectionals that can take over an entire room. If you have a smaller house or simply do not like the look of a sofa, you can be brave and do away with one. Sure, you may shock the neighbors, but your furnishings should reflect your taste and needs. Sofas are optional. 


Placing a daybed in your living room rather than a sofa offers you several advantages. You will still have room to lie down, but a daybed will keep your room looking open since it doesn't have a solid back. It won't block the view of the windows or of your other furnishings. It will also serve as an extra bed if you have guests. You can find daybeds at most furniture stores in a variety of styles. 


In a small room, you may be better served by providing a variety of armchairs instead of a sofa. Many people do not like to sit side by side with others and would prefer an armchair to a sofa for comfort purposes. Also, purchasing armchairs will allow you more decorating freedom. You can choose complementary fabrics and styles instead of using your sofa to make a design statement. Rearranging the furniture will also be much easier using this plan, not to mention vacuuming. 


If you just can't stand to give up a sofa but simply don't have room for one, try purchasing the smaller version: a loveseat. You will be getting the look and feel of a sofa but you will lose the length of one sofa cushion, approximately 24". It will seat two instead of three, and napping on it may be difficult; but otherwise, it will function as a sort of mini sofa in your small living or family room. You can even get a reclining version which will let you lean back and relax without hijacking the entire room. Plus, when you get tired of it, you can simply move it into another room, even a bedroom. 

You can give up your sofa if you want to. Although many people see a sofa as a necessity, sofas are not required. You can provide separate seats for everyone or simply choose smaller and less obstructive pieces. You have options: don't be afraid to use them. 

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